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The Curse of the Pharaoh, released in September 2002
Book 3 in the Theo and Ramona seriesThe curse of the Pharao


Text on the back cover of The Curse of the Pharaoh:

Deep down in a pharaoh's grave in present-time Egypt something strange happens. Ramona puts her hands across two hieroglyphs on the wall in the chamber. At the same time she utters a string of words and suddenly Theo realises that Ramona has disappeared.

Ramona has come to a dark, cold and ghastly place. She regrets what she has done and tries to get back to daylight and Theo. But she doesn't succeed. Trembling she puts her arms tightly around herself to keep the panic away.

Theo's search for Ramona takes him on a journey in time, further away than he has ever dreamed of, to the year 1323 before Christ and the empire of the pharaoh Tutanchamun. A time of power, unfathomable wealth and intrigue. Tutanchamun's curse is the least of all the worries that Theo and Ramona experience.


"With her first historical adventure book Back to Pompeii Kim M. Kimselius made an astounding debut. The curse of the Pharaoh is another much longed-for book in this series of freestanding historical books. Kim has always shown a big interest for history and she is always trying to inspire kids to read and write. In her books Kim mixes fact with fantasy in such an ingenious and captivating way that you can't stop reading. Kim's books thrill the reader for a couple of hours and give knowledge for life."

An independent historical adventure featuring Theo and Ramona.



What the reviewers had to say about  The Curse of the Pharaoh:

“The strength of the story is the accurate and captivating description of ancient Egypt, both socially and geographically. The author weaves together historical facts and flowing imagination in a manner that hold the reader in suspense from beginning to end.” BTJ, publishers reader Lars Rask.

“A thrilling story, very well written and with a genuine feeling of presence.” BLT, Johanna Rundgren.

”The idea to make history available in this way and let interact with our own reality gives the impression that the world belongs to all of us and our lives carry a history in common.” Åbo Underrättelse, Finland, Siv Illman.


Excerpt from The Curse of the Pharaoh:

Slowly Ramona got up, hardened herself against the darkness and opened her eyes. It was pitch-dark around her. She struggled with her tears and finally managed to fight them back. Then she tried to find her way in the grave.

Ramona fumbled along the wall trying to get out. The wall suddenly opened and she immediately fell down a stair.

“But there were no stairs here”, Ramona exclaimed in surprise while rubbing her aching knee.

The next moment she shut her mouth and stared with horror into the darkness. A flickering light was slowly approaching. Her heart started pounding wildly again.

Ramona quickly went through her alternatives. Either the power was off and she had somehow got lost in the grave, and this was a guide walking around with a flashlight to see if there were any tourists left, or she had – a frightening thought – she had traveled in time without Theo.

Flashlights don't flicker, Ramona thought.

Ramona wasn't happy to admit it, but she realised that the natural explanation was that she hade made another time travel. The person approaching could be a guard checking the grave for intruders. She had to hide! But where? Around her were only flat walls and pillars. She carefully crawled behind one of them and peeked out towards the light.

The darkness didn't feel so heavy when the light from the torch lit up the room. The boy entering the grave was only dressed in a loincloth. His upper body shone in a dark brown colour. He was about her age. On his head he wore the sign of divinity, the striking cobra! The sign of a Pharaoh!

Without being able to control herself, Ramona let out a surprised gasp. The boy stopped, lifted his torch and looked around in the room.

“Who's there? Step forward!” he said with a demanding voice.

He didn't show any sign of fear. Ramona's legs, on the contrary, were shivering where she sat, not knowing if she should answer.

When the boy didn't get any reply he started walking around the room to light up every corner. He came closer to the pillar where Ramona was hiding. For a moment she thought of sneaking over to the next one, but it was too late. The darkness around her dissolved and she found herself in an island of light.

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